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how was your christmas??? me, its the first time i spent it without mom.. but together with my brother and sister in law, carol. and first time celebrating it overseas.. here in a Abu Dhabi, UAE!  although they were many filipinos here... its still not the same celebration i had over the past years...

anyways.. i just wanna thank the lord for the blessings, the good health and safety of my family throughout this year...

hope everybody had a wonderful day...


hello lj'ers.....

i may not be updating this anymore but my heart is still in this fandom.. im just trying to re-arranging something.. but it didn't pass a day that i miss scanning this wonderful site, looking for all the updates,news posted by my amazing friends in LJ!

i hope that when i come back here i can share something on to you guys as well..

fighting.. gambatte..

cheers... ♥♥♥
 waaaaaaaaahhh..since the start of the year i was so busy ~~~~   i dont know anything about my fandom... shesssshh!! miss u all guys esp.arashi and bb!!!!

soooooo freaking tireeeddd~~~ 

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

just wanted to thanks all my lj friends and communities moderators for a fun-filled fandom in 2009~~

wishing you all good health and happy 2010!!!

happy birthday aiba!!~~~~

wish you more baka~~ness hehehe...

nahhh.. wish you good health and more masamune-kun project!~~~

omg, just wanna let my happiness out~~~~

ARASHI's all the best album top the oricon sales today~~ kyaaaa... omedetou guys!! you deserved it.. working so hard for the past ten years and counting~~

and to bigbang for being in number 2..although the figures are way behind from arashi~~~

arashi got a total of 261076 copies sold this day!!! they even beat up mr.children for having the most number of albums sold for this year~~~

bigbang got 12084 copies~~~

omedetou omedetou~~~


more omedetou~~~Collapse )

they say it was on the 40th day that the soul of the person who died will be the last day or something like judgement day, whether it will stay in purgatory or heaven~

and today was my dad's 40th day~

dad, i hope you're happy together with our beloved relatives who also left behind early and god our creator~~~

dont worry about us...
you've suffered enough~

thanks and sorry for everything~~

we missed and loved you~~

your memories will always be treasured and remains in our hearts~

we finally laid dad's body to rest last week, but he will always remain in our memories and heart~
even now i still cannot believe that he's not here with us anymore, his death was really a big shock for us, we never imagined that he will leave us behind this early~~~
but we need not to worry cause he will be resting in peace and will not suffer under the cruelty of the world anymore~

dad, thank you and sorry for everything~~

we love you so much!!


uwaaaaaa,  im happy for their best of 1999-2009 album ,

im still broke,  but of course who wouldnt want this cd......

and the concerts~~~

it is really impossible for me to watch it........

i just wanna say goodluck to arashi and their staffs~~

and to all the fans who will gonna watch it... goodluck too~~~

we'll be depending on your updates.. hahaha....

thank you so much to the arashi fandom for sharing this great news~~~

you guys are truly the best~~

take care everybody!

for now.... this is what i feel~~

*arashi arashi, for dream*

Read more...Collapse )


konichiwa minna~~~

my friend was asking me if i know how to use the windows media player because she wanted to make a fanvid,
arrghh,, since i am very open in saying that i was a klutz in making graphics, fan art or whatsoever that needed arts in the making..... so i failed in this category of making good fanvid.. hahahhaha~~~

and i dont  even know how to photoshopped~~~

anyways, i try this lil editing and cutting of arashi chibi's saying aishiteru~~
click at your own risk~~Collapse )